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Birthday Party’s for all ages

Birthday Party Celebrations for all ages

Whatever age you are, we all like birthday party’s. We cater for all ages, with a huge variety of music to suit everybody’s taste.

From all the classics you grew up with thru to all the current top 40 hits, we can keep you entertained and dancing “all night long” on the way to the “Love Shack” in the “Summer of 69” while walking “500 miles” and “Living on a Prayer”, please “Wake me up before you go-go”, because “I Gotta Feeling” that if you “Listen to the Music” in the “Summer Rain” on a “Run to Paradise” you will see “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and be singing “You Shook me all Night Long”. We have over 60,000 songs in our collection. 

Create a unique party. There a plenty of ways to make your party a fun occasion, we have been a part of some wild ones too. Add a costume theme, people love a good dress up party and your DJ will dress in theme too. We have some great party games to add a laught and keep everyone entertained. We also do Karaoke!

When you hire us for your party, you will always get…. a quality sound system with a microphone for speeches, great lighting effects to set the mood and most importantly, a tallented DJ/MC that will be set up and ready before the event commences with a commitment to make sure its a great party. 


Happy Birthday

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